She Made Me - Australia


I've been wanting a crochet bikini for years! Unfortunately I found She Made Me too late and stocked up on bikinis on a recent trip to Brazil, but if I hadn't I would order one of Chloe's pieces for sure. Besides them being crochet, the shapes are really cool - just the right amount of 70s retro without looking dated. And she offers all kinds of coverage - from supersmall to high-wasted, from triangle bra to bralettes and halters. And I love her aesthetic - take a look at her lookbook shoot below, and also the short fashion film. Makes me want to be at the beach. And of course makes me want to get her things even more!

  • Name: She Made Me
  • Founder: Chloe Dunlop
  • Country: Australia
  • Website:
  • Price point: $$100-200
  • My favorite: I love the shape of the white bikini top, first image of the article
  • Notes: All pieces are hand crochet in limited quantities by artisans in Bali. The skirt below takes about six days to make.

The skirt in this color is on sale right now, down from $260 Australian dollars to $130